I was Told to be a Nun

I am the last person on the planet to consider being be a nun. I’m not very nun-like and can’t envision myself living in a nunnery with other sisters. It’s just too much for me. I need my space. So I was shocked when I went to confession one Saturday morning and the priest asked if I had considered being a nun.

This whole “have you considered being a nun” conversation started when I confessed to the priest about my problems finding employment and decreeing God’s will for me. The priest talked about other options that I could consider like joining the military or becoming a nun. The way the priest broached the topic was, well, awkward.

Father: I assume you’re a young woman.

Me: Yes, Father.

Father: Well, judging from your voice you’re in your twenties.


Me: Ummm, yes.

Father: You know this is a good time for a young woman to become a nun. Have you considered that?

Long, confused, awkward pause.

Me: Ummm… What…? Father…? You serious?

Tightly gripping the kneeler and dangerously close to pulling it over on myself from shock.

Father: Oh! I was just joking? I wasn’t serious! It might be worth considering.

Long pause.

Father: Let’s finish the penitence.

I was shocked. I thought I was going to fall off the kneeler and faint. I thought I was going to faint in the confessional in front of the priest. Imagine that! Instead the palms of my hand started to sweat as I gripped my prayer book and the edge of the kneeler. I looked behind me, over my shoulder at the door and thought “Can I just leave without finishing this?” I knew that wasn’t an option. Father new he created an awkward situation. But I wasn’t buying the “Oh! I was just joking?” thing. Was Father really joking? I don’t know. He didn’t seem convinced that he was joking. I think he was just trying to make an award situation less awkward by making it more awkward. I just wanted to leave. I quickly finished the penitence prayer, got up, went into the sanctuary, found a nice quiet corner to pray the rosary and tried to avoid Father who kept walking up and down the isle while preparing for a baptism.

Later that day I told my parents, Grandma and my uncle what the priest had told me. My parents and Grandma thought it was hilarious that a priest thought I was nun material. My uncle, being a true Catholic, thought the priest was serious. When I told him he probably thought he was encountering some sort of blessing. His niece possibly becoming a nun, what a blessing!





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