Are Catholics Agnostic?


“Are Catholics Agnostic?” #Facepalm. Yes, I was really and truly asked this question one afternoon at the pool. My mom and I were shocked. Like that silent shocked stare where both people are thinking the same thing, “WHAT!” So, I told the poor soul that Catholics are not agnostic and that, yes, Catholics believe in Christ and His saving grace. Then the next question came, “Do Catholics believe in the Bible?” I could not believe this question but non the less I answered, “Yes.” But the person kept on with the interrogation by asking, “I mean do Catholics really believe in the Bible? I mean do Catholics take the Bible literally?” Oh great… That question that every non-Evangelical gets asked in the South to make sure that you really are “Christian” and not in need of some Christ saving. So I tried to approach this question with an easy to understand response of “Yes and no. It depends on the verse you’re referencing and where it is in the Bible.” The person looked confused.

These are typical questions I get in the South concerning Catholicism. People down here don’t necessarily believe that Catholics are Christian as well as other Christian denominations such as the Episcopal Church and Christian Orthodoxy. It’s a bit of a struggle telling other Christians that they are wrong in their knowledge of various forms of Christianity. Particularly when they are being spoon fed inaccurate information about Catholics by their church pastor whom they regard as the authority on Christianity even if the pastor’s religious education is questionable.

As for Catholics being agnostic. Not true at all. In fact most of the theology in the Western Church are spin offs of Catholic theology that have been changed over the years by various Christian groups based on their beliefs. When we get to the basics of theology Catholics created the language surrounding Christ’s resurrection and saving grace over 1,000 years ago in Europe. Yep, that’s right. Catholics are the originals when it comes to theology.




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