The Unlikely Disciple: Liberty University’s Education

To sum up Liberty’s education system would be this: there is a point at which Liberty deems knowledge to be harmful to one’s salvation. The institution is afraid that if students gain too much secular knowledge they will fail in their faith, no longer being obedient to God. In many ways it the stance that the Catholic Church took towards educating the common people 1,000 or so years ago. Liberty’s attitude towards secular education and education in general is backwards. I feel sorry for the students and the lack of genuine education they are receiving. After all what they are learning is what the Evangelical Church deems appropriate for educating God fearing Christians.

Liberty’s main focus in education is arming students with an Evangelical eduction while not educating them beyond religious obedience. So the goal of a Liberty education is to prepare students to defend the Evangelical Church in the secular world. Thus classes consist of Young Earth Creationism, Evangelization 101, Church history, theology, and a range of normal non-religious classes that can be found at any university. But the difference about the normal courses is that only one side is presented to the students and course work is done in workbooks instead of assigning readings. Instead of having students read assigned readings from secular European philosophers, professors have students identify the author of quotes in workbooks. This effectively prevents independent thinking that is essential to quality higher education.

While those who have a degree in higher education are armed with secular knowledge, can think indecently, and are free to question religion and political platforms, Liberty students are at a disadvantage. They are not armed with the same kind of secular knowledge, have not been encouraged to think indecently, and are told that they cannot question the Evangelical Church and the Conservative platform. Further they are sent into the secular world after graduation where thinking indecently and initiative are paramount to furthering one’s career. At the same time Liberty students are terrified of the secular world because they are taught it is a world of sin and temptation while being told they need to live in the secular to bring people to the Evangelical Church.

To sum up Liberty, I’d say it’s unacademic. Especially in the way secular subjects are taught, Liberty’s stance on not educating students beyond obedience, how the Evangelical Church is at the forefront of academics in general. I am horrified that Liberty promotes it’s academics as a quality education, when, in reality, it is not.


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