The Unlikely Disciple: A Christian College More Conservative than Liberty?

To answer the question is yes. There are three other Christian colleges who’s rules are much more strict than Liberty’s and make Liberty not look all that bad. The culprits: Oral Roberts University, Bob Jones University, and Pensacola Christian College. FYI, I didn’t look up these schools but Kevin did with his Liberty hall mates after a run-in with the hall RA concerning an R rated movie (remember? Those aren’t allowed at Liberty).

Oral Roberts University, an Oklahoma Christian university, asks the students to sign an honor pledge that states: “I will not lie; I will not curse; I will not be a talebearer; I will not cheat or plagiarize… I will refrain from smoking, profanity, gambling, alcohol, dishonesty, and all behavior that might cause Christ to grieve.” Pledge signing is a little extreme for me. The action states that the university doesn’t trust the students and cannot hold them to the honor code. So, the university treats them like children not adults.

Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC is a little more extreme than Oral Roberts University. To be fare Bob Jones University banned interracial dating until 2000 and refused to accept non-white students until 1971. Still the university is still extreme in other ways. At the university students are required to bring chaperones when dating or interacting in mixed-gender groups. Bob Jones also bans new age, jazz, rock, country, and contemporary Christian music. I wonder what kind of music students are allowed to listen to? And there is the dress code, too. BJU’s dressed code is much stricter than Liberty’s dress code. For starters women are required to wear long skirts  except when they find themselves between women’s residence halls and when participating in activities where the durability of the clothing is a must such as skiing and ice-skating. In this case pants are allowed. BJU also prohibits clothing from Abercrombie & Fitch, and Hollister because both clothing brands have shown antagonism towards the name of Christ and displays of “wickedness in their promotions.”

And the most extreme is Pensacola Christian College (PCC) in the sunny state of Florida. At PCC any physical contact between members of the opposite sex is forbidden. The school goes to the extreme of having elevators and stairwells on campus segregated by gender and students of the opposite sex can be punished for stopping and chatting between classes. Students can also be punished for staring too intently into the eyes of the opposite sex (referred to as making eye babies). PCC only allows students to read books that have been approved by school administrators and must ask permission to visit websites not on the approved website list.

There you have it. The most conservative Christian colleges in the country. They either don’t trust their students, are stuck in the past, or resemble socially conservative Gulf states in their rules.


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