The Unlikely Disciple: Day of Purity

The Day of Purity is an Evangelical holiday that is celebrated on February 14 that asserts and celebrates the Christian teaching of chastity before marriage. I have nothing wrong with practicing chastity or having a day dedicated to the idea but what I do find curious is that the Day of Purity is solely practiced by Evangelicals. So, of course it is celebrated at Liberty University. While Liberty University requires students to celebrate Day of Purity, the students themselves much rather celebrate both Valentine’s Day and the Day of Purity. As Kevin found out on Feb. 14, Liberty University is a mixture of students wearing their white Day of Purity shirts while carrying boxes of chocolates and roses.

Day of Purity, according to Jerry Falwell, is about combating the sex culture in the U.S. There is no coincidence that the Day of Purity coincides with Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is seen by Falwell and Evangelicals as a day that promotes sex culture (a secular take on St. Valentine’s holy day) instead of it being seen as a saint’s day. So, Day of Purity calls for celebrants to be sexually pure, aka, celebrating that they don’t have sex outside of marriage and that they are modest beings. In a previous post I wrote about how Liberty has a dress code that encourages modesty (and purity) but the irony is that Liberty is a highly sexualized campus. As Kevin pointed out Liberty students don’t dress in a modest manor that discourages sexualization, instead many students choose to wear sexualized clothing (tight clothing that hugs the body). This didn’t change on the Day of Purity, a day that celebrates modesty. According to Kevin the campus looked even more sexualized than on a normal day. I think this is just defeating the Day of Purity and it’s meaning. One cannot be modest unless it is taken to heart (and yes, that means modest clothing, too).



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