Snowpocalypse: Night 1 with Jalapeño Mac&Cheese

It’s been snowing in the D.C. area since 12:50pm. The wind has started to pick up and there is a good 6+ inches of snow on the ground. Since there is a blizzard watch I’ve stayed in my apartment for most of the day cleaning, cooking, watching movies, and hanging with friends with the occasional sound of the snow plow coming by. Families have been out playing in the snow while they can and before they get snowed in. I on the other hand made boxed jalapeño Mac&Cheese.

I was pleasantly surprised with how well the jalapeño went with the cheese and pasta. I don’t know what I was expecting but I wasn’t expecting much. To be honest I bought it because it looked interesting and I was willing to try it. As for the taste, it obviously didn’t taste like normal Mac&Cheese but I swear that a different kind of cheese was used for the jalapeño version. I think a light form of cheddar was used that pared nicely with the jalapeño. A bigger and thicker kind of pasta was used, it was surprising but I liked it. And the flavor tasted like jalapeño and was nice and spicy while cheese helped cut down on the spiciness of the pepper. Come to think of it, it reminded me of jalapeño nachos a little. I don’t know if children would like the jalapeño Mac&Cheese (unless they like spicy food) but adults who like spicy food would. I would buy the jalapeño Mac&Cheese for another major winter storm, it changes up the typical food one would buy for such an event.

I’ll write an update in the morning. For now I am going to lay in bed watch a movie and read a book.


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