Snowpocalypse Food Haul

As many may know by now the East Coast’s Mid Atlantic region is about to be hit by a massive blizzard tomorrow afternoon. The storm is suppose to be historic and Snowpocalypse Round II will start in the Capital. While the Capital was preparing for the epic storm and dealing with the prelim snow shower last night (1in of snow causes so many problems in D.C) I decided to do some last minute grocery shopping. The local Giant was chaos with people all over the place but I managed to find comfort nonperishable food to stock up on. Glad I went last night and not tonight. Apparently the Giant had been raided, mostly the chips and mixed drinks… So, here are my buys.


I had fun shopping for the Snowpocalypse food finding new products to try and old favorites from growing up in the Netherlands. I cannot wait to dig in tomorrow afternoon!

The Food Haul

Knorr Pasta Sides: I bought five different kinds of the Knorr Pasta Sides. I have always loved Knorr products, mostly their sauces, and I was so happy when I found the Knorr Pasta Sides. When I lived in the Netherlands my mom would make me the Knorr Pasta sides when I was home sick or for lunch on the weekends during the winter.

Jalapeño Mac&Cheese: Mac&Cheese is a winter snow storm must have but I just had to try the jalapeño Mac&Cheese.

Dried Barilla Four Cheese Tortellini: I thought this would be a great alternative to the fresh stuffed pasta that I usually buy.

Soup: I bought two different kinds of soup. I bought the Giant brand boxed chicken tortilla soup and then I bought a kosher brand bagged mixed bean soup.

Smoked Oysters: Cannot go through a snow storm without some sort of protein, might as well make the protein smoked oysters. This is my favorite snack especially when there are crackers in the kitchen but, sadly, I forgot to buy crackers.

Kashi Cherry Dark Chocolate Breakfast Bars: By favorite for a quick breakfast! I mean, I already opened the box!

Smart Balance Popcorn: Got to have the popcorn when there is nothing else do to but watch a movie.

Lindt Chocolate: Need some nice European chocolate for the sugar craving.

Well, I am now ready to sit out the historic snow storm in the Capital.



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