Militant Atheists & the Hijab

While at work yesterday I came across an article on the Huffington Post about a Muslim woman’s reaction to some militant atheists calling for Muslim women to take off their hijabs after the November Paris attacks to “stand in solidarity” with the victims (funny thing because a number of the victims came from Muslim backgrounds). The author also explores how the hijab has become a symbol of otherness in Western countries. Click here for the article.


One thought on “Militant Atheists & the Hijab

  1. Those were rather daft comments from attention-seeking men. The sight of women wearing hijab standing in solidarity with the victims of the Paris atrocities (as many have done) sends a much stronger message. I guess they were really trying to make a different point: that all of us somehow share collective guilt and responsibility for the crimes of a few. That’s not a very rational position for self-declared rationalists.

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