Dolce & Gabana New Clothing Line Geared Towards Muslim Women

While reading through the Huffington Post’s section on religion I came across an article talking about D&G’s new clothing line geared towards Muslim women that will be released October 2016. Some Muslim designers and fashionistas have welcomed the Italian fashion house’s new line of clothing while others, like Dina Torkia, feel underwhelmed and slightly instulted. While some believe the new line is brining Muslim women into the fold of the high fashion world others believe that the line is offering clothing that women can find in their local abaya store while others believe it is ignoring the fact that Muslim women have been creating their own fashion for many years. But let’s be real: there is nothing original about the line except for a few colorful prints and shear material. It is worth taking a look through D&G Is Doing More Than Releasing A Hijab and Abaya Collection. And here is the link to Dina Torkia’s (one of my favorite designers!) response to the D&G abaya line.


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