Chicken & Waffles at Roofers Union


This past Sunday I literally had the best chicken and waffles I have ever had. And probably will have for a while at Roofers Union in Adams Morgan. My sister and I originally had not planned on eating at Roofers Union but since the wait at the Diner was about thirty minutes we decided to head across the street for brunch.

As one can guess Roofers Union is across the street from the Diner and sits above Bukom Café and Tattoo Paradise, occupying the second floor of the building. As I walked through the small entrance at street level and ascended the stairs I had no idea what to expect. I guess I thought the interior would look like any other restaurant but I was wrong. Upon reaching the landing I followed my sister through yet another entrance that opened onto a large open space. The space that the Union occupied looked like every twenty’s something dream living space. A huge industrial loft with floor to ceiling windows facing the street, old wood floors, and high ceiling that resulted in a large open space. The interior decorations were simple and unique by hanging roofers uniforms along two of the walls and incorporating the air ducts. The tables used in the space were unusually large and thick wooden tables that filled the space well and were paired with simple chairs. In the middle of the loft was a long communal table in the same style as the other furnishings. Everything about Roofers Union from the space, furnishings, staff and menu was simple. But I liked it. It added to the relaxing atmosphere of the Union.


As my sister and I sat down we were handed two simple menus with about twelve to fifteen items ranging from classic brunch with a modern and Southern flare to hamburgers and sandwiches. It did not take me long to decide on what I wanted for a post-Mass brunch. Yes, you guessed it, chicken and waffles. For those of you who may not know what chicken and waffles are here is the rundown. A chicken and waffle is a deep fried chicken breast paired with a Belgian style waffle minus the traditional Belgian waffle dressings and can be replaced by biscuit gravy. So, despite the calories count I decided on chicken and waffles with gravy and I was not disappointed. When brunch was served I could not wait to have at the beautiful yet simple chicken and waffle. To my surprise the fried chicken was perfect. It was beautifully fried with a nice crispy crust yet soft, tender, and juicy on the inside. Some of you will find this hard to believe but a perfectly fried chicken is hard to do. Sometimes fried chicken comes out nice a crispy on the outside but is dry and tough on the inside. On the flip side fried chicken can come out under cooked on the inside. To find the right balance is not easy. As for the waffle, I could have eaten the waffle on it’s own. The waffle was perfectly cooked with a nice golden-brown crust while beautifully fluffy on the inside. And the gravy was divine. Yet again, it is hard to make a well balanced biscuit gravy. Biscuit gravies I have had in the past have been too peppery or taste more like all purpose flour than gravy. But this was not the case with this gravy. The gravy did not taste like pepper or flour but instead tasted like well balanced gravy that had chicken juice and that went well with the fried chicken and waffle. The chicken and waffle was absolute heaven and I will be having it again.





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