Religion and Food Go Hand-in-hand

When living in a city like Washington, D.C. (known by locals as the District) that is seen by the rest of the country as the home of the national government, the Commander in Chief, gleaming white monuments, the White House, the Capital Building (the Hill), and the beloved Nationals baseball team, us locals look beyond all the great buildings and monuments and see the District as a foodies paradise. D.C. has it all from local university hang outs, the hundreds of food trucks roaming the city at lunch hour, familiar European cuisine, class American, Middle Eastern to the not so common: Ethiopian, Afghani, and Pakistani with many other cuisines that can be found in the city. While D.C. has an amazing food scene, the District also has an amazing religious scene with hundreds of houses of worship from Christianity, Judaism, and Islam to Buddhism, Hinduism, Unitarianism, and many more. With all of the various religious communities in D.C. there will also be various cuisines served at the places of worship and in their communities.

Religion and food go hand-in-hand. Various cuisines give insight into the cultures that religious communities come from and their views, teachings, and attitudes towards eating food. Food also gives insight into religious teachings, and beliefs concerning animal and human ethics. Food is also used to celebrate holy days and holidays, the celebration of life, and for celebration of special occasions like Papal visits. When all is set and done food is a way to mark celebrations and to bring people of a religious community together in  celebration.


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